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November 2016

Giles Hedley and the Aviators

Ed Marshall

Your Own Music Venue in Scrooby Village Hall proudly presents for one night only Saturday 17th December 8pm Giles Hedley and the Aviators

Continuing our Americana theme leading on to 2020, we have a great UK Blues Band following on from the great Luke Winslow King. Giles Hedley and the Aviators play a brand of adventurously funky blues that is quite unlike any other. Hedley is an exceptionally gifted and most versatile bluesman. He's regularly featured on the Paul Jones Radio 2 Blues Show

Giles Hedley and the Aviators

"He sings, and a whole bar-room is rapt" The Times

"Authenticity is all ... Hedley prefers the rough to the smooth" The Guardian

"Giles Hedley is one of Britain's foremost roots and country blues performers ... Giles is one hell of an entertainer" Blues Matters

"Near-perfect blues from a master ... this trio takes no prisoners" Blues in Britain

Tickets now on sale, only 7.50, from Izzi Marshall 01302 719811 and Christine Wilson 01302 751808.

October 2016

Scrooby Wassail

Ed Marshall

Friday 9th December 7-30 pm Scrooby Village Hall

Celebrate the beginning of Christmas!

Roast pork rolls courtesy of Gordon, mince pies and mulled wine and a licensed bar.

Carols and entertainment provided by your very own Scrooby band The Mighty MORE DOG

Tickets: 8 per adult, children by donation

Contact: Gordon Ashworth 01777 818332, Izzi Marshall 01302 719811, Maurice Clapham 01302 710078

September 2016

2016 Scrooby Show

Graham Robbins

More details soon, but here are a few preliminary photos, including the overall winner Heidi Robbins and the afternoon's entertainer David Prater. 2016 Scrooby Show 2016 Scrooby Show 2016 Scrooby Show 2016 Scrooby Show

September 2016

Scrooby Show Go Cart Results

Graham Robbins

Braving the torrential rain, ten hardy competitors attended Sunday's Go Cart Championship. The streets of Scrooby echoed with the crowd's cheers, as a record number of entrants battled it out over three different disciplines.

In a format used for the first time this year, racing took place over three different courses:

  • The speed trails ran on Churchy. Competitors were timed over a distance of around 100m. Unpowered. Fastest time won. Cart design and nerves of steel were needed here.
  • The wiggle-waggle ran on Izzy's. Competitors navigated their way through an increasingly tight set of traffic cones, until all but three competitors were eliminated. Peddling allowed. This discipline clearly favoured the smaller carts driven by the younger competitors.
  • The long-running trail for unpowered distance ran on Doggy and Mill Lane. The cart that rolled the furthest won. Good-bearings, hard tyres and expert handling were required.

Here are the results in full:

Speed Trails

  • 1st Place: Ewan: 17.46 seconds
  • 2nd Place: Sam and Burt: 19.6 seconds
  • 3rd Place: Spike and Stan: 21.34 seconds
  • 4th Place: David: 22.67 seconds
  • 5th Place: Dominic: 24.04 seconds
  • 6th Place: Will: 26.41 seconds
  • Alex: Non-finisher
  • Oliver: Non-finisher
  • Barney: Non-finisher
  • Leo: Non-finisher
  • Wilf: Non-finisher


  • Survivors to Round 5: Leo, Sam and Burt, Alex
  • Out in Round 4: Oliver, Barney, Dominic
  • Out in Round 3: Spike
  • Out in Round 2: Ewan
  • Out in Round 1: Will, David, Wilf


  • 1st Place: Wilf in the Tractor
  • 2nd Place: David in the Tank
  • 3rd Place: Spike in the Golden Chariot of Fire


The award for looks, judged by asking all attendees to stand next to the go cart they would most like to take home, was won by Spike's Golden Chariot of Fire.

March 2016

Scrooby from the Air

Chris Cole

Chris Cole writes from InnerVisions. Chris took this aerial photograph of Scrooby in 2000.

You can see clearly the medieval fish ponds between the manor and the railway (the series of large depressions in the grassy area at the top centre of the picture).

Inner Visions 2000

Chris's contact details are:
P.O. Box 9
DN22 1GZ.
Tel: +44 (0) 1777 702913

September 2014

Scrooby from the Air

David Thomson

Here's a wonderful view of Scrooby taken by David Thomson of Ranskill using his Go-Pro camera and quadcopter.

June 2014

Hester Benjamin: Adventures of a Pilgrim Daughter

Jennie Robbins

Scrooby's own Jennie Robbins has published a book for children; a story of friendship, love and adventure, set in Scrooby, England, at the time of the Pilgrim Fathers. A work of fiction for young teenagers based on historical events in the year 1607.

Hester and Mercy are as close as sisters; nothing can come between them. But events are about to shake their peaceful village life to its roots and change things forever. How will their friendship survive when they are forced apart by their families and their faith?

You can buy the e-book for Kindle on Amazon.

June 2014

Ranskill Nursery

Steven Owens

Looking for a Nursery for your child - Ranskill Nursery is Rated Good by Ofsted.

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