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January 2018

Scrooby Community Cinema

Stephen Lincoln

What we did on our Holiday

(Cert 12)
This Sunday, January 21st

A wonderful BBC production starring Rosamund Pike, David Tennant and the Big Yin himself Billy Connolly. Add to that three very talented and entertaining young actors and you have a film that is a giggle from start to finish.

Abi (Pike) and Doug (Tennant) are going through a bitter divorce but trying to hide it from their very astute children. As a family they are heading to Scotland to celebrate Doug's Dad's (Connolly) 75th birthday. With a hard fought for agreement with their kids the couple decide to hide their troubles from the rest of the family in Scotland and what follows is a hilarious series of events led by the children and their irascible grandfather.

I came out at the end and said 'I can't believe they did that!!!!!', you need to go and see this film to see what I mean. A great advert for Scotland too.

Director: Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin
Stars: Billy Connolly, Ben Miller, Rosamund Pike, David Tennant
Runtime: 91 minutes

THIS Sunday 21st January 2018
Doors open at 7.30pm for start at 8.00pm - Back to normal
Tickets 4.00 per person
Licenced Bar

See you there

September 2017

Scrooby Show 2017 Raffle

Stephen Lincoln

Prize winners from the 2017 Scrooby Show Grand Raffle, are listed here.

September 2017

Doncaster Family & Local History Fair

Dave Valentine

14th October 2017, Doncaster Deaf College sports hall

Two free talks: Myko Clelland of FMP helps get the best from FindMyPast & Ian Dewhirst looks back at the '50s.

Admission just 1, under 14 free.

At least 45 exhibitors, FHSs, Genealogy, Supplies, Heritage, Railway, Postcards, Craft and Help desk plus many more local and National desks.

More information here and at

August 2017

Retford Heritage Day 2017

Pam Barnsdale
Retford Heritage Day is coming up on 9 September. Here's the brochure: Retford Heritage Day Brochure 2017 Retford Town Hall
May 2017

SNAP (Scrooby Neighbourhood Area Plan)

Anthony W Smith

Please visit the SNAP page for all the news and views about the Scrooby Neighbourhood Area Plan

Latest news

A wonderful turnout at the Consultation Meeting last Friday, 12th May led to a significant amount of views and thoughts from those most affected - YOU. Very many thanks for a great afternoon.

Next Steps

  • Now we will start the formal process with Bassetlaw District Council to accept the boundaries of the Plan and allow the hard work to start.
  • Then we can apply for the funding to enable a quality SNAP to be developed.
March 2016

Scrooby from the Air

Chris Cole

Chris Cole writes from InnerVisions. Chris took this aerial photograph of Scrooby in 2000.

You can see clearly the medieval fish ponds between the manor and the railway (the series of large depressions in the grassy area at the top centre of the picture).

Inner Visions 2000

Chris's contact details are:
P.O. Box 9
DN22 1GZ.
Tel: +44 (0) 1777 702913

September 2014

Scrooby from the Air

David Thomson

Here's a wonderful view of Scrooby taken by David Thomson of Ranskill using his Go-Pro camera and quadcopter.

June 2014

Hester Benjamin: Adventures of a Pilgrim Daughter

Jennie Robbins

Scrooby's own Jennie Robbins has published a book for children; a story of friendship, love and adventure, set in Scrooby, England, at the time of the Pilgrim Fathers. A work of fiction for young teenagers based on historical events in the year 1607.

Hester and Mercy are as close as sisters; nothing can come between them. But events are about to shake their peaceful village life to its roots and change things forever. How will their friendship survive when they are forced apart by their families and their faith?

You can buy the e-book for Kindle on Amazon.

June 2014

Ranskill Nursery

Steven Owens

Looking for a Nursery for your child - Ranskill Nursery is Rated Good by Ofsted.

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