Scrooby Show 2014

Minutes of the First Helpers Meeting

Minutes from meeting 17.06.2014

1. Band confirmed to play several sets during the afternoon - Duncan Barnett. To be booked by Ann. Cost of 250.00.

2. Class changes - to add a Bread, Beer and Wine class. Still to confirm subject of photograph class - suggestions please by email!

3. Official show opener - suggestions were narrowed down to Kate Bottley (Vicar) and Sue Scholey. CA to approach Kate Bottley and ask her availability.

4. JA is to check that the tent/staging/chairs/tables etc are confirmed with Mudfords.

5. MF and EM are to be MC of the event.

6. SF is to continue doing her brilliant job of asking and organising the stallholders - it was agreed to charge 10 for a stall instead of asking for a raffle prize (excepting children of course). Please see below a list of last years stall holders. MP is going to contact Reg Taylor regarding his beehive stall. CA will ask Baldings regarding William the Pony making a repeat showing this year. AR is going to ask Serena to coordinate with Beavers/Cubs and Scouts about what input they would like to have. CA will ask Janet Symonds about any involvement the brownies would like to have. Please can we have an update on our list for the next meeting?

Stalls - 2013 show

  • Cream Teas
  • Cakes
  • BBQ
  • Raffle
  • Scrooby Knitters and Stitchers
  • Scrooby Garden Club
  • Doncaster Brewery Bar
  • Tuxford Windmill
  • Goacher's Fruit Farm
  • Art Gallery
  • Messy Church
  • Rainbows/Brownies
  • Phoenix Cards
  • Stones
  • Jams & Preserves
  • Aprons
  • Wooden Fretwork
  • Jan's Clothes Stall
  • Jewellery Stall
  • George's Sweet Stall
  • Stocks
  • Guess the Teddy's Name Stall
  • Book stall
  • William the Pony

7. Bar - if 'The Pilgrim Fathers' is still up and running by September they are very happy to provide a bar for the day and the evening. However due to licenses etc we need to make a decision on this by the next meeting. the alternatives are Doncaster Brewery or 'The King Bill'.

8. Cookery Judge - I see from last years notes that Christine Carter would like to be involved this year in the judging. CA to contact her.

9. Evening do - Richard has offered to organise this, but we have reservations about him using the tent, insurance being one of the issues. We would prefer a 'Scrooby Doo' in the pub. JA to meet with Richard and his team to discuss.

10. There is 3065 in the bank carried over from last years show, it was agreed that after the tent was paid for there is 1500 to spend.

  • Curtains for the V.Hall - PC have agreed to donate 350 and the show will also donate 350. JA has priced this up to cost in the region of 500 for normal curtains so this extra amount would ensure black out curtains.
  • Clock, repairs and up keep - 400
  • Tree - 400
  • New bench/picnic table for croft - Heidi please will you price this up? thank you

11. Please see below last years timetable - any changes?

Timetable - 2013

  • Friday 6pm - 8pm Entries
  • Saturday 7am Helpers
  • Saturday 8:30am - 10am Entries
  • Saturday 10am - 12:30pm Judging
  • Saturday 1pm Show Opens
  • Saturday 2pm Pet Show
  • Saturday 2:30pm Prize and Raffle
  • Saturday 3pm Sports
  • Saturday 6pm Show Closes
  • Saturday 7:30pm - midnight Scrooby Do
  • Sunday 10am Helpers
  • Sunday 12pm Go Carts
  • Sunday 1pm Lunch

12. Phil & Julie have agreed to repeat what they did last year, the bookings and assistance with Lunch. We have offers of assistance from Maurice & Margaret, and Jane Lincoln.

13. Next meeting - Monday 7th July 2014, at the pub 8:30 pm. We will then go through all the job lists from last year and divide the jobs accordingly!

Thank you very much for coming along