Scrooby Show 2016

Scrooby Show Go Cart Results

Braving the torrential rain, ten hardy competitors attended Sunday's Go Cart Championship. The streets of Scrooby echoed with the crowd's cheers, as a record number of entrants battled it out over three different disciplines.

In a format used for the first time this year, racing took place over three different courses:

  • The speed trails ran on Churchy. Competitors were timed over a distance of around 100m. Unpowered. Fastest time won. Cart design and nerves of steel were needed here.
  • The wiggle-waggle ran on Izzy's. Competitors navigated their way through an increasingly tight set of traffic cones, until all but three competitors were eliminated. Peddling allowed. This discipline clearly favoured the smaller carts driven by the younger competitors.
  • The long-running trail for unpowered distance ran on Doggy and Mill Lane. The cart that rolled the furthest won. Good-bearings, hard tyres and expert handling were required.

Here are the results in full:

Speed Trails

  • 1st Place: Ewan: 17.46 seconds
  • 2nd Place: Sam and Burt: 19.6 seconds
  • 3rd Place: Spike and Stan: 21.34 seconds
  • 4th Place: David: 22.67 seconds
  • 5th Place: Dominic: 24.04 seconds
  • 6th Place: Will: 26.41 seconds
  • Alex: Non-finisher
  • Oliver: Non-finisher
  • Barney: Non-finisher
  • Leo: Non-finisher
  • Wilf: Non-finisher


  • Survivors to Round 5: Leo, Sam and Burt, Alex
  • Out in Round 4: Oliver, Barney, Dominic
  • Out in Round 3: Spike
  • Out in Round 2: Ewan
  • Out in Round 1: Will, David, Wilf


  • 1st Place: Wilf in the Tractor
  • 2nd Place: David in the Tank
  • 3rd Place: Spike in the Golden Chariot of Fire


The award for looks, judged by asking all attendees to stand next to the go cart they would most like to take home, was won by Spike's Golden Chariot of Fire.

2016 Scrooby Show

Here are a few photos from the Big Day, including the overall winner Heidi Robbins and the afternoon's entertainer David Prater. 2016 Scrooby Show 2016 Scrooby Show 2016 Scrooby Show 2016 Scrooby Show

... and here are a few more from Ed Marshall: 2016 Scrooby Show 2016 Scrooby Show

Bicycle Blind Auction

There were eight bids made for the bicycle during the show ranging from 65 to well over 100. The clear winner was a bid for 156.00 and the proud owner of the bicycle is now Mr Prime of Branton.

Thanks for the Raffle Prizes

The organisers of the SCROOBY SHOW and the SCROOBY PARISH LUNCH would like to thank all those who kindly donated raffle prizes:

  • Wilfreda Beehive, Doncaster
  • The China Rose Restaurant, Bawtry
  • The Crown Hotel, Bawtry
  • The Separatist Inn, Torworth
  • Caviars Restaurant, Bawtry
  • Ziniz Restaurant, Bawtry
  • Chappelle of Bawtry for Hair
  • Robinsons of Bawtry
  • NYC Bar and Grill, Bawtry
  • Whitehouses, Retford
  • The Gray Rooms, Bawtry
  • The Gentleman?s Retreat, Bawtry
  • Starstyle Boutique, Tickhill
  • Salon Bellezza, Tickhill
  • Time for Diamonds, Bawtry
  • Magenta Tea Room, Bawtry
  • Aura of Tranquillity, Harworth
  • Doncaster Trade Autos, Scrooby
  • R & R Sports, Bawtry
  • Hair by Joanna, Tickhill
  • The Pilgrim Fathers, Scrooby
  • The Barber Shop, Bawtry
  • The Timber Joint, Bawtry
  • Steve and Jackie Fenning, Scrooby
  • Penny Cawley, Scrooby
  • Frank White, Scrooby
  • Izzi Marshall, Scrooby
  • Sarah Coombes, Scrooby
  • Peter Kimberley, Scrooby
  • Lindsey Buxton, Scrooby
  • The many anonymous donations

Unclaimed Raffle Prizes

The following raffle prizes drawn at the Scrooby Show on September 3rd 2016, have not yet been claimed:

  • Pink 135: 30 Voucher for Ziniz, Bawtry
  • Green 363: Hugo Boss Belt from Robinsons, Bawtry
  • Pink 475: Meal for 2 at NYC Bar and Grill, Bawtry
  • White 264: Hot stone massage at Salon Bellezza, Tickhill
  • Yellow 225: Jewellery box from Time for Diamonds, Bawtry
  • Green 572: Ladies hat, anonymous donation
  • Pink 531: Ladies hat, anonymous donation
  • Green 571: Baylis and Harding Toiletries, anonymous donation

If you have one of these winning tickets, please make your claim to; Stephen Lincoln on 01302 719506