Scrooby Parish Council Minutes 2010

Monday 8th March 2010 7.30pm Scrooby Village Hall

1. Present

Ed Marshall (Chair), Dennis Marshall, Dennis Brooke, Christine Bailey, Heidi Robbins, Matt Pollard.

2. Apologies

DC Terry Yates, Tracy Crowe.

3. Minutes of Last Meeting

Proposed as a true record by Heidi Robbins and seconded Dennis Brooke. All agreed.

4. Matters Arising

Matt Pollard has now taken over as Co-ordinator for the Neighbour Watch from Dennis Marshall.

Ed Marshall has passed on the Outreach information to the Over Fifties Friendship Club.

5. Correspondence

Dennis Marshall is still awaiting a reply on the adoption of Saracens Lane.

The telephone kiosk adoption is ongoing.

Any nominations for Harry Johnson Best Restoration of a Building or Best New Building award to be placed in the STAR.

5. District Councillor's Report

None given.

6. Finance Report

Present status was presented and approved by the PC. See appendix A attached.

Dennis is awaiting the bill from NNL for the removal of the Christmas tree.

Cheques to pay Eon gas 610.81 and A to Z accountants 425.

7. DSA Robin Hood Report

The planning application for night flights has been part accepted/approved by DMBC. It is restricted to 150 flights per annum. The flights will be between 12 midnight and 7am.

8. Police Report

None presented.

9. Village Plan/Planning

The Village Plan is still with BDC.

Planning applications

These applications were circulated to PCs before the PC meeting to meet the BDC deadline.

Avonlea, Chapel Lane, Scrooby, Doncaster, DN10 6AE

'To create an access on to The Great North Road' ? PC raised strong objections due to road traffic safety concerns. It was also noted that the applicant had commenced work without awaiting consent. The objection was raised through the Chair as the Clerk registered a prejudicial interest

Green Man Cottage, Chapel Lane, Scrooby, D10 6AE

A Two Storey extension to side and rear of the property. PC raised no objections.

10. Play Area/Village Hall

Village Hall

New brackets to the broken guttering on the Village Hall will be fitted by Ed and Dennis Marshall.

A response is still awaited from the supplier of the broken window in the kitchen. Action DM

A list of missing items from the kitchen is to be made out after an inventory check by the Clerk who has the original purchase details. Action CC

Play Area

The chicken handle has been repaired by Matt.

The net for the climbing frame is still awaited. Mr Arrowsmith will be reminded. Action: ECM & HR.

The large hole on the Croft has now been filled in and will be grass seeded in due time.

Net supports have been purchased for the goal posts. Action TC.

11. Environment

Complaints have been made about the damage incurred to the hedge and fencing along Mill Lane by the farmers taking out sugar beet, Howards the company responsible have been contacted and will repair all damage at their own cost.

A quote is required for pruning to the Beech hedge along the edge of the Croft on Manor road. Action carried over from the last PCM: DB

The Chestnut tree adjacent to the playground is to be cut down and the chestnut trees on station road are to be pruned by NCC.

The working party organised by Ann Robbins has planted the Thorn, Blackthorn and Quick thorn hedge in the gap along Mill Lane.

12. Any Other Business

Matt will be arranging a meeting with Neighbourhood Watch coordinators to determine who is still active and if any new coordinators are needed.

Ed is to contact the Electricity Board regarding the frequency of power cuts in Scrooby ECM

Ed brought up the issue of Chris Cruddas remaining as Clerk. Clerk has agreed to carry on.

Ed raised the issue of Izzi Marshall as booking clerk/caretaker for the Village Hall. At present Izzy spends a lot of hours working in respect to this role and is not paid. It was suggested and agreed by PC that the position becomes a paid position. Dennis Marshall will look into this and will come up with a payment figure to be discussed at the next PC meeting. Action DM

Meeting closed 8. 45pm

Next Meeting Monday 12th April 7.30pm Scrooby Village Hall. NOTE Meeting re-scheduled due to Easter Holiday.